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Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea


Kevin was originally born in Seoul, Korea and in January of 1981 he was apdopted and sent to America to live with a middle class Irish family in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is the son of James and Madalyn Shea, parents of 5 children…. 2 white chicks,2 korean boys and 1 korean girl. Both parents were middle class, James was a korean war vet and decorated police officer and Madalyn was a factory worker. His parents personality were spitten images of “Archie and Edith Bunker”. It was if “All in the Family” was combined with “A Different Strokes”.

Being from a very middle class family, Kevin was the first to attend college. After graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Kevin was curious to explore the rest of the country, so he moved to San Francisco in 2000. There he would discover Stand-Up.


After moving to San Francisco, Kevin started a career in the Internet industry which lasted a whole year. In 2002 he was layed off and was convinced by a friend to go to an open mic. Influenced by Eddie Murphy’s “RAW”, Kevin decided to go to the open mic dressed in a purple leather jump suit……not a good idea. His first set was not very good.

Not trying to become the typical Asian comic Kevin strayed away from Korean accents based on their mothers’… his mom is a honkey. He concentrated on developing his own style which has said to be very laid back and fresh. With his unique style and jokes, he caught the eyes of hollywood and was invited to the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival.

Kevin has numerous television appearances which include Comedy Central’s Premium Blend , Jimmy Kimmel Live, and HBO’s Down n Dirty. Most recently he was the winner of 2009 NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity Showcase. He was given a talent deal and showcased at the 2010 NACA National Conference, where he went on to book over 50 college dates.


NBC’s 2009 Stand Up for Diversity Winner
HBO’s Down n Dirty
Comedy Central Premium Blend
Jimmy Kimmel Live
AZN’s Asia Street Comedy
Latino Laugh Festival
ImaginAsian TV
Kims of Comedy (DVD)
Montreal Comedy Festival
HBO’s Vegas Festival



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