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MONROK is synonymous with one word and one word only, MONROK. She is a stand up comedian and has developed a loyal following and played at places like The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, and the Laugh Factory. She has appeared on shows like Last Comic Standing, Latino 101 and recently shot the pilot “Naked but Funny” for Fox. She won the 2009 California’s Funniest Female Contest ( and performed in the 2010 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. Instead of taking the safe route and talking about everyday problems such as dating and relationships, MONROK’s natural irritation for life brings a whole new brand of comedy to the stage.

MONROK was born in Sydney, Australia but grew up in Maryland from the age of 9. Her parents are staunch liberals from India and left to pursue a more westernized lifestyle, growing to become avid Bill Maher fans whom MONROK considers her biggest inspiration. She is unique in that while being a female east Indian comic, the majority of her Indian jokes are specific to her family, her father being an eccentric Math professor and her mother well just being her mother. She was surprisingly a shy child, and spent most of her time buried in a book. To the untrained eye, one would think her future would entail the MKATS or LSATS (although taking standardized tests IS a major hobby of hers), it was quite the contrary. As the years passed you could see the annoyance and impatience grow and the truth was that she was not timid at all, merely excessively observant. All the things that irritated or angered her would one day take form in an “I don’t give a fuck!” attitude towards life and eventually, through popular demand, lead her to a career in stand-up comedy. Her comedy may be dry, but it is nothing you have seen before, or will probably ever see again, because you can’t copy the way someone thinks, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s not a character, a bit, or an act, it’s just MONROK.



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